Why your Access Control System needs Field Service Management Software?

Access Control System plays a significant role in keeping companies and homes secure and encrypted. Field Service Management is a pillar of support that makes the setting up of access control systems ever easy. Control your staff’s access, exit, and entry from your office room and let Field Service Management software do the rest. Field service management software aims to raise small and medium businesses to high stakes that require elevated access control systems to manage their staffs and confidentiality. Hence, holding hands with field service management is the start and the sustainer of your businesses growth.

What is an access control system?

They are electronic systems that control access to a network or system. It recognises and authorises personnel to enter a premise only after ensuring their access card or signature with its security system. Access Control System justifies its name by controlling people’s access into a room, premise, network or other security encoded system.  It has overlapped the old key and bolt system and made it more tech-friendly and time-saving. The access control is handled by specialised authorised people and the management of the business. They are the Access Control Network that watches over the access levels, access modes, card access and other parameters within the access control system.

What happens when FSM collaborates with ACS?

Team Management

This feature provided by Field Service Management software allows your business to keep track of your employees and staff and who can access the premises. It also helps during any sort of error, card denial or other hassles in the access to the arena. Field Promax has an effective team management system that allows you to track your technician’s location, follow their schedules and updates. This also allows you to track who all are authorised to enter the access-controlled regions for security purposes.

Equipment Tracking

When you have to fix a new system or require tools for repairing your access control system, all you need is to open your Field Promax Mobile App and check for the location of your equipment. Field Service Management software allows you to track your equipment and find them sooner in case of emergencies. With this software, you can access your equipment right from the field and earn five stars from your customers for handling the situation with ease.

3. Mobile App
Mobile App View

When you collaborate with Field Promax or any other field service management software, you can create your estimates, invoices and receive bill payments right from the field. The field Promax app can make anyone tech-friendly in just ten minutes. This makes work easier and quicker. When you set up access control systems for buildings, homes, or offices, also make sure to get paid before you leave and gain your reward on the spot. The integrated mobile app Field Service Management can be a greater scope of light for your access control system business.

Manage Customer

Allow your customers to approach you without any hindrance and with convenience. Field Promax enjoys bridging the gap between business and their customers. Allow customers to request service based on their requirements, like the model, colour, and other specifications they wish to add to their access control system while booking their service. Want to provide your customers with an absolute service with your access control system? We’ll lead you right to it.

5. Digitalise

Just like how you shifted from keys to access cards or an access code,  to gain access to secured areas, move from paper documents to cloud-based, IoT integrated platforms. Allow Field Promax to save all your forms and data within its database. With QuickBooks integration, you can now receive immediate and accurate bills, invoices and even the history of your work orders on the Field Service management software.

Go digital and save your time, control access and thief safe your working platform. Make sure you keep your business account on field service management updated with your data and never lose any detail. You can control who can access information, features and options within the app. While creating electric doors locks for controlled access, electrify your business with Field Promax.

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