Etihad Airways Name Correction Policy & Fees

Notice a misspelled name or typo error on your flight booking? Or do you need to change a name on the ticket after marriage? There is nothing to worry about, as with the Etihad Airways name correction policy, you are on the safe side. The policy helps you request a name change/correction without any hassles. Continue reading the guide to understand the name correction rules and guidelines. If you request a name change on your ticket, you might need to pay a fee. Therefore, it is essential to know the guidelines and fees before proceeding with a name change. 

Rules To Follow For Etihad Change Name On Ticket 

According to the name change, the airline can restrict passengers from boarding their flight if the name on their ticket is not correct or doesn’t match their passport or official ID. Following are some other major guidelines you must understand before making a name change request. 

  • Passengers are permitted to alter names on the unused/unflown portion of the ticket. 

  • As per the name change policy, you can make modifications to the non-restricted or refundable fare only. 

  • A name change request can’t be revoked once approved. 

  • In the case of several fares, the most restrictive fare rule might apply. Which can result in an inflated airline change penalty.  

  • The airline permits only one change of up to 3 letters in the first/middle/surname. 

  • Name changes are allowed under legal considerations like marriage or divorce. Also, you must attach valid documents, including a marriage/divorce agreement or court decree. 

How Much Does Etihad Airways Charge For Name Change?

The airline does not charge a name change fee for correcting minor mistakes within 24 hours of ticket booking. Beyond 24 hours, you might have to pay between $150 to $350. The name change fee varies based on the cabin selected and the request time. Also, the fare difference might apply, if any. 

Need Help? Contact Etihad Airways Customer Support 

Changing or correcting a name on the ticket is a straightforward and quick process as long as you comply with the Etihad Airways name correction policy. However, if you still face any problem you can reach out to Etihad customer support at 1 (877) 690-0767. Additionally, you dial +1-800-865-1848 (OTA) to get your issues solved in a few minutes.