7 Boho Duvet Covers You Have to See

A bohemian interior design scheme is a wonderful fusion of textures, patterns, and colors. Although our bedding is hand-printed utilizing traditional methods, our designs are everything from traditional in boho design. With any of our cozy cotton boho duvet covers, set the stage for colorful bedroom décor.

What makes a duvet cover bohemian?

When a duvet cover’s color scheme and pattern (or combination of patterns) lean bohemian, it is considered such. Many times, these hues and patterns are exclusive to a certain area or place of visit. A bohemian duvet cover might not be just that—bohemian. The boho look can be achieved by choosing which bedsheet, wall art, or furniture to decorate it with.

What are bohemian colors?

Curiosity is sparked and wanderlust is inspired by bohemian style. Bohemian colours must of course be visually seductive. Classic bohemian bedrooms feature tan, bluish-greens, and off-white/cream as their foundation.

Then we saturate the space with ruby red, emerald, magenta, amethyst, and poppy topaz. For a more subdued color scheme, choose several tones of browns, tans, and whites/creams with green serving as a secondary.

Warm tones like Sedona, brown quartz, seafoam green, sage, champagne pink, brick red, and honeycomb yellow are great places to start if you want to create a traditional bohemian color wheel.

gloomy greens, greys, deep reds and purples, black and browns are used in bold and gloomy bohemian bedrooms, however. Add accents in shades of white, pure green, gold, and orange.

1. The stunning and audacious bohemian bedding in red and brown

Warm tones are quite obviously bohemian. Mehndi designs in burnt orange that contrast with brown and caramel stripes in our Chocolate and Caramel collection undoubtedly create warmth. Match this duvet cover to opposing colors like the white and blue in our Casablanca Blues euro sham or to complementary colors like those in our Orange Blossom pillow cover. When you want to lessen the designs in your bedroom, the Peyton Linen Duvet Cover reverses to a toned-down version.

2. A bohemian duvet cover honoring crafts and tradition

Try our Moroccan Zellige-inspired Mosaic Bleue line if you’d like two different patterns in one duvet cover. This bedding translates the terracotta artistry into block-printed bedding, therefore capturing the artistic bohemian vibe. The tiles on this duvet cover highlight cyan stars set against a chocolate background and adorned with decorations in peacock green, French blue, and apricot. On the reverse is another star pattern, this time with off-white as the main color and a more geometric appearance.

3. Coverlet in ruby crimson for dark bohemian bedrooms

Drama and adventure are told in this duvet cover with tapestry influences. Our version of traditional Turkish Kilim rugs, the Ruby Kilim print weaves a network of geometric and traditional patterns in cream, black, and ruby red. This bedding is quite visually striking. Make it the centerpiece of your dark bohemian bedroom and accessorize it with pillow coverings from our Ruby Kilim range.

4. Colourful and historical bohemian bedding print

Trying to access the retro side of bohemian design? The best place to start is Orange Blossom. The cream fabric gives way to a cluster of orange, violet, and yellow flowers surrounded by complementary designs and punctuated by greenery. Turn the bedspread over to see a more basic block pattern in complementary hues. The Orange Blossom collection honors the carefree, happy spirit of summer; this design transports you on a stroll through a Mediterranean orange orchard.

5. Cover for a duvet for a modern boho bedroom

Even though the boho pillow sham design makes you think of a rainbow of colors, try something new by going for a simple scheme. Start with the classy Royal Mansour duvet cover. Its all-white color scheme is a nod to the complex latticework of its namesake. The Marrakesh Grand Palace Hotel, which was built by King Mohamed VI in 2006, is full of luxury, light, and fine craftsmanship, all of which can be found in this boho bed cover.

6. Coverlet of Bohemian mid-century duvet

Although the bohemian and mid-century styles may appear to be in direct opposition, they complement one another to form a harmonious composition. The combination of minimalism and excessivism produces a captivating boudoir. Consider Celestial Embrace for a bohemian duvet cover featuring ethereal motifs that are more grounded in reality. As a backdrop, an indigo night sky illuminates a constellation of stars, moons, and suns, an apt arrangement for your sleeping area. This mid-century print evokes awe and harmony with its reference to a fourteenth-century Ottoman textile. When paired with our Starry Nights fabric cover, it creates an environment conducive to restful sleep.

7. Bohemian duvet cover infused with alluring French nuances

Rather than the big radial patterns that you’ll see on many trendy boho duvet covers, try this elegant and classic one. The Palace of Versailles is a tribute to the famously fancy and expensive royal home. The bed cover print has medallions in yellow gold, light grey, and burgundy that look like traditional French coats of arms with trendy touches like braids, crowns, and fleur-de-lis. The background is cream. On the back, there is a pattern that looks like the palace grounds, with thin vines and soft flowers in colors that go well together.

Boho blanket covers are a stylish and unique way to make your bedroom look better in an online bedding store. For every taste and style, there is a boho duvet cover. Mandalas have beautiful, complex patterns, botanical prints are earthy and elegant, and Moroccan designs have a global feel. These covers let you show off your individuality and make a place that’s truly yours. They offer a range of styles, from vintage-inspired looks to handcrafted beauty.

Why do people like boho duvet covers?

It’s possible for boho duvet covers to help insulate by trapping heat around you, or they can cool you down when the sheets are lighter and let the heat escape more easily. They do all of this and still feel soft like the fabric you like.

What is a boho comforter?

Boho-chic duvet covers have pieces that are draped over each other in layers of different fabrics and textures, giving them a look that makes you think of a relaxed traveler. One way to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible is to add extra pillows or blankets on top of each other.